(Sorry I’m a bit late on this, I haven’t been on tumblr recently)

1. What was the last thing you ate?
Digestive biscuits

2. Who would you go to for advice?
My parents

3. If you could have a wild animal as a pet what would you have?
A penguin

4. Favourite kind of weather ?

5. Last concert you went to?
Never been to one

6. Digital or physical CDs?

7. Guilty pleasure TV show?
Top gear

8. What’s your best memory from your childhood?
Going to Aberdour a few weeks ago

9. Ever had a boyfriend/girlfriend?

10. Be honest, do you read smut?

11. How long have you had your tumblr?
A few months

12. SClub or Busted

13. Dress, skirt, shorts or trousers?

14. Early-bird or night owl?

15. What year are you in at school?

16. How many contacts in your phone?

17. Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings?
Lord of the Rings

18. What did you do for your last birthday?
A sleepover

19. Do you have any regrets?
Not really

20. Favourite fanfic?
Don’t have one

21. Ideal date?

22. Favourite season?

1. Most awkward story with someone you like?
Can’t think of anything

2.celebrity crush?
Susie Wolff

3. Favourite food?

4. Best school subject?

5. Any nicknames?

6. Weird obsessions?

7. Favourite quote?
“The master was once the apprentice”

8. Something you like about yourself?
My empathy

9. Favourite song?
BCee - Our Time

10. Dream holiday?
Tour of Scandinavia

11. What’s the first thing you see to you’re right?
A pencil

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I was tagged by the larascontent

Name: Sam Robertson
Birthday: April 22nd 
Favorite color: dark red
Lucky Number: 22
Height: 5 foot 8 inches

Talents: nothing really

Last dream you remember: I’m reading in my planner that Svalbard is officially part of Kiribati 

Can you juggle: No

Arts/sports/both: Sports

Do you like writing: So long as its not for 2+ hours straight

Do you like singing: No

Do you like dancing: No


Dream Vacation: Sweden

Dream Guy: This doesn’t apply to me

Dream Wedding: idk

Dream Pet: A cat

Dream Job: Astrophysicist


Favorite Song: Our Time by BCee

Favourite Album: Mountains by Hybrid Minds

Least Favorite Song: From my music, Crate Logic by Paradox

Least Favorite Album: I Am by Jamieson Randall

Least Favorite Artist: idk

Preference: (guessing this means dating)

Guys/Girls/Both: Girls

Hair Color: Doesn’t matter

Eye Color: Doesn’t matter

Humorous/Serious: Serious since that’s most like me

Taller/Shorter: Doesn’t matter

Biggest Turn Off: People who don’t take good care of themeselves

Biggest Turn On: Being nice