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I was tagged by the larascontent

Name: Sam Robertson
Birthday: April 22nd 
Favorite color: dark red
Lucky Number: 22
Height: 5 foot 8 inches

Talents: nothing really

Last dream you remember: I’m reading in my planner that Svalbard is officially part of Kiribati 

Can you juggle: No

Arts/sports/both: Sports

Do you like writing: So long as its not for 2+ hours straight

Do you like singing: No

Do you like dancing: No


Dream Vacation: Sweden

Dream Guy: This doesn’t apply to me

Dream Wedding: idk

Dream Pet: A cat

Dream Job: Astrophysicist


Favorite Song: Our Time by BCee

Favourite Album: Mountains by Hybrid Minds

Least Favorite Song: From my music, Crate Logic by Paradox

Least Favorite Album: I Am by Jamieson Randall

Least Favorite Artist: idk

Preference: (guessing this means dating)

Guys/Girls/Both: Girls

Hair Color: Doesn’t matter

Eye Color: Doesn’t matter

Humorous/Serious: Serious since that’s most like me

Taller/Shorter: Doesn’t matter

Biggest Turn Off: People who don’t take good care of themeselves

Biggest Turn On: Being nice